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American Rug Laundry

American Rug Laundry branding, marketing, and web design
Project Overview
American Rug Laundry, a 120-year-old home services business in the Twin Cities, needed some refreshing. Their goal was to achieve a look that felt contemporary yet retained the legacy of the original brand.
What We Did
Marketing Design
UX/UI Design


We took a customer-centric approach to the American Rug Laundry rebrand. This resulted in a streamlining of content and value proposition, a clear and consistent call to action, and a drastic reduction of visual elements. ARL understands the importance of putting customer first and it shows across their many touchpoints.

before and after logo designs for American Rug Laund\ry

Brand messaging

We reworked their overall messaging to be more customer-centric, focusing on the value that ARL brings to rug owners. We developed a campaign brand statement that speaks to the end result of having your rugs cleaned by ARL.


Photos showing a typical customer enjoying their newly cleaned rugs.


We developed an illustration style that harkens back to mid-century, but with a modern twist. We created Sam the Rug Man, an illustrated character based on the owner of ARL who dishes out helpful tips and nuggets of wisdom.



A blend of modern and traditional type, with a script highlight thrown in for good measure.


With an updated brand comes an updated website. We overhauled the old, outdated site with a fresh, new look and improved user experience.

Marketing Design

American Rug Laundry is an active advertiser in print, direct, and digital media. Our templated approach allows them to stay on brand and remain efficient as they publish frequently.

A small sampling of ads and tear sheets.