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Papa's Apothecary

Papa's Apothecary Rebrandinig
Project Overview
Papa's Apothecary was looking to grow its startup both in stores and online. They knew their skincare formulas were working—and still their brand needed a facelift. They selected Lake & Pine to drive the rebranding and product strategy efforts. Our first step was to focus product positioning on the truly great benefits of his plant-based skincare products. From there we collaborated with customers to come up with an elegant and approachable presentation for packaging, retail, social media, and the website.
What We Did
Product Design
3D Design

BRAND Evolution

With the new branding and product strategy, emphasis moved from the previous clever and friendly product names to a a clearly articulated customer benefit was put in focus.

The early results have been excellent. Retailers who were on the fence with the old brand were happy to start 2022 with all new Papa's Apothecary products on display.