STOKE Space Technologies

Stoke Brand Launch
Project Overview
STOKE is an exciting startup in the reusable rocket and satellite launch, well, space! After a successful seed round, the company needed a brand overhaul in order to be prepared to enter Series A fundraising. Lake & Pine was selected to re-define the brand and provide a full array of assets. In addition to a new logo and style guide, Lake & Pine wrote, shot, and delivered brand overview videos, motion design, rocket visual design, 3D hero images, an investor pitch deck, and various promotional items.
What We Did
UX/UI Design
3D Design
Motion Design
Presentation Design

Logo & Identity

A fully responsive website with a simple and powerful CMS was created enabling STOKE to showcase their vision, thought leadership, and news.

This video introduces STOKE on their website and in presentations. It allows a viewer to experience STOKE's unique vision in a clear and concise manner.

Reusability is the hot topic in the commercial spaceflight industry. This diagram was created to show how just how STOKE views reusability and how it will become truly operational due to hi-cadence and vehicles designed for rapid reintegration.

STOKE full launch vehicle diagram
STOKE Operational Reusability Diagram
STOKE Launch Vehicle & Operational Reusability Diagrams

In a very short amount of time, STOKE has been able to meet and/or exceed engineering milestones–from rocket motor hot firing to full-scale prototypes.

STOKE stage 2 rocket prototype
The STOKE crew rolling out the 2nd Stage Manufacturing Demo

The investor pitch deck gives STOKE an opportunity to stand apart from other space companies and confidently deliver their truly unique vision for what satellite launch can become.

STOKE Investor Pitch slide styles
STOKE Investor Pitch Presentation / Slide Style