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Personality Profile Solutions (PPS) is the premier reseller of  DiSC Profile and EverythingDiSC, well-known personality assessment tools used by thousands of companies around the world to improve workplace relationships. Their e-commerce site,, hadn't been redesigned in years and was looking outdated, so Lake & Pine was tapped to provide a long-overdue update. The goal was to modernize while differentiating the store from key competitors and streamlining the path to purchase. All without compromising the hard-earned SEO rankings critical to the business's success.

We worked closely with our UX partner, Common Marvel, on the strategy for the site. This included analyzing user research, auditing the existing content, making high-level recommendations, and finally mapping out the site architecture to better organize the content and emphasize a path to purchase.

ux design
Example pages from the UX deliverable for
A small sample of the UX deliverables

We updated the logo to increase its versatility and improve its performance on social media. We created several iterations for more flexibility. Based on our competitive analysis, we recommended avoiding blue as a primary color since it was overused by our competitors.

logo revision

old logo

old logo

new logos

new logos

We began the design effort by exploring a few different visual directions, using what we call style boards. These are rapid explorations of how key brand elements might look. Once a direction was chosen, the visuals were refined and applied to key site pages.

visual style exploration
Visual style exploration examples from the redesign
Visual style exploration examples

Once the visual direction was approved we applied the new design to the key page templates. We followed the project through the entire development process, providing direction and feedback to ensure that the vision for the site was met. The result is a that truly represents DiSC's modern identity, with a look that was differentiated from competitors and a much-improved user experience. Customers can now quickly find the DiSC products they need, without confusion or frustration. Visit the site to see for yourself

sample screens from the website redesign

In addition to the main e-commerce site, we also re-designed the educational companion site—the definitive source for in-depth learning about DiSC Profile and Everything DiSC. Visit the educational site

educational website

end of project

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