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A hands-on demonstration of IBM Watson

An experiential online product demo for IBM's Watson designed to teach developers how to make the most of the AI toolset.

The Waston Warriors main screen shown on a white laptop

IBM and TechData tasked Lake & Pine with drawing attention to the power of IBM’s Watson cloud computing suite. Our role was to design an engaging expereince that gave participants a real-world look at the power of Watson by giving them a hands-on opportunity to configure and deploy live Watson services.

A grid of graphical user interface screens from the Watson Warriors web expereince
Lake & Pine adopted the IBM Carbon design system which allowed us to design and build the game's on-boarding, result tracking, leaderboard, and individual challenges within a familiar framework that was both on-brand and in context with the Watson tools themselves. In addition to a cohesive look and feel,  development time was greatly reduced as a result..
promotional video

Data scientists can be heroes

Lake & Pine designed an in-person event experience that put teams of software developers and data scientists up against each other in a data problem solving challenge.

The trial iteration of the game had teams configure and train a data model to determine which images of fire could be considered credible threats. Lake & Pine produced this video to build awareness and excitment about the Watson Warriors program.

end of project

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