Launching STOKE to the next level

STOKE Space Technologies, founded in 2020 by two former Blue Origin employees, was ready leave their bootstrapping basement and start growing their rocket company. After a successful seed round, they needed a brand overhaul to prepared to enter Series A fundraising and get their rocket off the ground.
Peter Hilgendorf and Eric Kassel standing in front the STOKE 2nd stage rocket feature the logo they designed.
Peter & Eric standing in front of the STOKE Second Stage Rocket featuring the logo mark they designed.

STOKE has a unique mission in the space technology industry: to save the planet with low-cost, 100% reusable rockets designed to fly daily. Their vision and uniquely-designed rocket already differentiates them from companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. But their identity wasn't even flying in the same universe as those companies. They needed to step up their game and came to Lake & Pine for help.


The logo Lake & Pine created was based on the STOKE founders' vision for the company—a spark that ignites not just the flames of rocket engines but also the inspiration and motivation of the people behind the rockets. The result was a simple rocket plume nodding to the "s" in STOKE and space.

a space company logo

STOKE needed a system they could use across all of their brand touchpoints—business cards, investor presentation decks, the website, and more.

Lake & Pine developed an identity system and built templates they could use to start spreading their mission into a galaxy far, far away.

Brand expressions
sample images from the STOKE brand style guide
Brand guidelines

STOKE is well-versed in rocket science and needed to translate that knowledge into investor-speak. Their unique technology had to be presented clearly in order to attract and excite the right audiences. At it's core, the STOKE mission is a satellite delivery utility. We were able to distill it all into a core set of informative, elegant, and succinct statements that aligned to their audiences.

We created imagery to support and explain how the technology will bring their vision into being.

the STOCK website shown on a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone

The website update features clear and concise messaging that reflects the company's core mission. It's a crucial tool for informing investors and future customers on how STOKE is striving to make earth better from space.

A grid of STOKE Space presentation slides and infographic
Sample presentation slides and infographics

end of project

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