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A better consideration toolkit for modern food automation

A new website for food automation company Picnic Works that makes the decision-making process easier.

The website shown on a laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone

Our client knows that restaurant owners considering at kitchen automation are enticed by the promise that a Picnic Pizza Station offers. They also knew that the answers to a few simple questions were not easy to attain. Picnic hired Lake & Pine to audit the marketing funnel on the website and to apply their process toward making UX and design improvments. The result is a highly usable website that lets restaurants know exactly how a pizza station fits in their kitchen and in their budget.


Who is the hero of the story?

As practiotiners of the StoryBrand framework, Lake & Pine are always casting the messaging in a customer-centric spotlight. We all agree that the true hero of any pizza story is always that person with a delicious slice in their hand. But in this case we bent our own rules a bit and positioned the Picnic Pizza Station as the champion.

The website shown on a laptop
A page from the website shown on a mobile phone
user interface design

We made it easier for visitors to understand the size of a Pizza Station

In addition to the homepage hero image featuring a pizza station and a human, visitors are now able to quickly determine physical fit by glancing a pizza station rendered in context and with dimensions.

Cost estimation calculator page from the website shown on a tablet device.
user interface design

Simplifying the pre-sales tool.

We made it easier for prospective customers to understand exactly how a pizza station will fit into their budget by restructuring the Savings Estimator tool. Now a potential buyer has a single reactive screen that provides all the necessary inputs required to do a proper estimate.

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